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9   Single Mama's Project

Ages 12+ only
Will be provided on day of service
Nicole Snow
9 a.m.
Show description
Being a single mom can be both an overwhelming and lonely job. A common reason for feeling lonely is feeling like they don't belong anywhere – there is no one to lean on. Each month we would like to lead a 2nd Saturday group to help an overwhelmed, local single mom to show her that she is not alone, and she is loved. Please consider coming alongside us to minister to this often-forgotten group of amazing women. This month’s single mom doesn’t have family in the area and has lifting restrictions due to a spinal surgery. She needs help moving the bigger items from her current home in Kalamazoo to her new house in Battle Creek. Alternative project for her (if flooring is not completed on time) is some work in her yard at her new house. If you have a truck and/or trailer to move some furniture, this would be helpful. In her words: “I already see God’s hands in this whole process working things out in only a way that He can!”

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